About us

And suddenly it was over. The end. Finito. No big bang, no farewells, no nothing. The instruments, the voices, the songs, the music – everything fell silent.

All part of a lifelong dream that was buried. For 20 years. Until today. What had happened?
This is the story of 20 Year Short Break.

Rob Miller and Dan Wright: a typical male friendship that began around puberty, pasta and power chords. At the age of 15, they met in a middle school band and from the very start they took to each another like brothers – though they couldn’t be found in the same family tree. Two boys on the same trajectory. Their music got better, their bands got better, there were ever more gigs and for some time, it looked as though their efforts would pay off.

But then, reality set in: Maybe it was because other bands were more talented, maybe because those bands had more willpower and less self-doubt. As discouraged, sidetracked musicians suffering from missed opportunities and bad company, Rob and Dan ran into a musical dead end. And then, it all came tumbling down. Their careers were over before they had even begun.

As the years passed, there were other priorities. Decisions had to be made and alternative careers launched: Rob stuck with recording and worked his way up the studio career ladder from sound editor to sound engineer and ultimately to renowned and passionate studio owner. His goal was – and still is – to let others shine. Dan decided to study sociology and, contrary to the usual recommendations to get a taxi driver’s license as a precautionary measure, he became a self-employed IT specialist, who has been looking after the IT systems of the largest corporations in Germany for many years.

But they never made music together again.

Rob and Dan founded families and sacrificed everything for their wives, their children and their friends. And – as so often in life – they lost sight of each other over the years.

Then came November, 2018: During one of their rare meet ups, Dan and Rob attended a concert together in Munich and asked themselves a question: Why don’t we go back to making music? And with that, an idea was born. Or rather reborn. In January, 2019, they met in the studio and realized that sometimes, a 20 year break can feel as short as the one between classes at middle school. From that moment on, they began writing, composing, rehearsing and developing a dream: A lasting musical legacy. One that reflects their lives. One that will leave their children with more than just photos and videos. Rob and Dan’s dream is an artistic, intergenerational project that makes their paths of life, knowledge, wisdom and coming of age experiences accessible to their children in relevant, truthful songs. And not only that: The feedback and support from friends, colleagues, partners and their families has become so great that this goal is not only more tangible, but also greater.

The Short Breaker family is growing.
And of course, Rob and Dan have to ask themselves a very simple question: Do we still have it in us?

The result of this journey is the band “20 Year Short Break” with the album “play | pause | play”.

play | pause | play: 14 songs reflecting two lives that are ordinary – and yet very unusual. Pretty much the way real people tend to be. And Rob and Dan are real. While they divide the vocals between themselves, their roles are otherwise clearly defined: Dan does the delicate the guitar work, Rob does everything else, including arrangements, production, recording and mixing. Apart from top drummer Tony from Nashville, Henrik and Gandy on bass, and a backing choir, Rob and Dan did everything on their own. And you can’t miss it: The combination of Springsteen Rock, Bonamassa Blues, Blake Shelton Country and a shot of metal with a finish like Deep Purple isn’t only as clean as dirty can be, it’s also the basis for lyrics reflecting Rob and Dan’s lives – lyrics that could hardly be more private or intimate. They convey deep experiences; successes, failures, their lives as fathers and as brothers. Their songs are self-reflections, shared with the Short Breaker Family and all those who value simple honesty and unique authenticity.

For the truth lies in the dust, not in the disco ball.

Rob and Dan take us on a road trip through their lives: Up, down, forward, backward, but always on the move. So clean off your Ray-Bans, fire up the V8, roll down the windows, stick your elbows out, and let’s hit the gas!

What else is gonna’ happen? No one knows. Does it even matter? It sure as hell doesn’t.
Rarely has the road been the destination as much as it has been here. Because very few have the courage to give it a second shot.
Especially after a 20 year short break.
The fulfillment of lifelong dream? We sure as hell hope so.